2018.08.31 「BACKSTAGE2018」にRALLYを出展しました
Make StampRally,
So Easily.
RALLY is the "StampRally" generator. StampRally is one of the most popular location-based games in Japan. To win a prize, players collect stamps.


Which StampRally do you like?
  • KOBE Local Event Stamprally
  • TEDxYouth@Kobe 2016 兆 de RALLY!
  • DojoCon Japanスタンプラリー
  • 遠野妖怪ラリー
  • another side of KOBE スタンプラリー
  • 名古屋観光スタンプラリー
  • MEET JAPAN StampRally


  • No Coding
    No Coding
    All you have to do is to input location data. Special knowledge and skill are not required.
  • Immidiately
    Only 5 min
    You can release a game instantly. Because any tools are so easy to use for everyone.
  • Free
    Start Free
    RALLY is for free. So make your own StampRally right now.


We exhibit RALLY at SXSW 2017 Trade Show.
From March 12 to March 15, we are holding limited StampRally.
Collect stamps, win a prize!
Let's Play


We'll release an international version in 2017's summer.
Please contact us if you are interested!
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RALLY - 誰でも簡単!モバイルスタンプラリー
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